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The Federal Affordable Care Act, (ACA or Obamacare) reform is intended to make Medical Healthcare guarateed issue & easier for everyone to obtain coverage.  The reform bill requires all states to development Health Insurance Exchanges.  In California, the state exchange was developed by the California Health Benefit Exchange and is named Covered CaliforniaWe are a Cerified Agent for Covered California and can help & assit you to secure Health Plan Coverage in the Exchange.  In Arizona, the Exchange is the Federally-Facilitated Exchange (FFE).   These Health Exchanges, among other things, are a "Website Portal" for Healthcare marketing & enrollment funtions, basicly these Health Exchanges is another form of delivery system for the purchase of Medical Healthcare Plans.  Although these Website Portals will offer Compliant Medical Healthcare Plans, most all Health Agents & Brokers also offer these same plans plus alot more plan choices for sale outside the State Exchange.      If your income qualifies, by otaining coverage through a State Exchange you can obtain possible financial help by recieving Tax Credits.  Contact our office to find out if you qualify for these possible Tax Credits. 

The State Health Exchange's Website Portal will be an information source, quoting engine and enrollment source where Private Health Insurance Carriers provide their different Health Plans & Rates to the public.  Today all new Medical Healthcare Insurance Plans being offered through Agents and Brokers issued by the private carriers fall under the rules of Obamacare. 

 .The State Exchange Website Portal becomes just another outlet one can go and obtain insurance coverage.  Since these new Exchanges will be run by the state and federal government, you will likley incounter all of the disadvantages, pitfalls and problems inherent with most government administered programs.  One must also consider in the Exchanges the insured's income will be audited on an annual and most cases on a semi-annual basis.  

The Health Exchanges are mainly website based.  One can only imagine the lack of quality customer service you will receive.  Long phone wait times, speaking to low motivated public employees about important Healthcare decisions which must be made for your family and yourself.  Ask yourself to imagine obtaining your important information and Healthcare Coverage from your local Department of Motor Vehicles type of system..?          

Today most insurance carriers are using internet technology making available their products directly to the insured in an attempt to cut their market delivery costs.  The 2010 the Federal ACA Healthcare Reform has effected private carrier's a profit bottom line forcing more dollars collected to go directly towards medical cost delivery.  The insurance carriers have lowered operating costs through the use of internet and has given greater access to the insurance consumer making it possible to purchase their insurance with the assistance of Agents & Brokers online .   

Utilize the services of an Health Agent or Broker with No Added Cost To You - It's Your Choice!

   The average insurance consumer still values the guidance of a professional to help clarify, reasure and explain the merits for choosing the coverage which is right for them.  In most all cases, the carriers untilize email and provide a toll free phone number using a salaried customer service staff to field your questions.  An Exchange's or Carrier's customer service staff person can not suggest any options other than what is offered by that particular Exchange or Carrier.  For recommendations to consumers can turn to Agents & Brokers for answers to many questions.   

What Healthcare Insurance Carriers and Exchange don't advise the consumer is the consumer can apply through a professional Agent or Broker for the exact same plan & premium cost.  Agents and Brokers have many different carriers to shop the best plan for you.  When a consumer applies for coverage directly to the Exchange or Insurance Carrier the same premium cost or "price" is charged as with an Agent or Broker, however appling direct the consumer is forced to use only the Exchange's or Carrier's customer service staff.

When you apply for insurance coverage utilizing the services of a Agent or Broker you truly have the best of both worlds.  To apply for coverage using Agents and Brokers has it's many advantages.  You can discuss the pros and cons regarding all of the different carriers the Agent or Broker represents.  Also, you can gather important pre-application insight on how to apply for coverage or report a claim prior to providing your information to the carrier and many other advantages.  You can apply & obtain coverage through this Agency website or via telephone.  

.When the consumer applies for coverage through the services of an Agent or Broker, the insurance carrier's toll free phone or email customer service personal are still always available to the insured.  When you apply for coverage through an Agent or Broker, you reserve your right to personal representative to contact or if you prefer, you can also transact your business directly with the carrier which is the best of both worlds!  

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