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The federal ACA (Obamacare) impacts everyone under the age of 65 years.  It controls when we can purchase and had required we all maintain a medical Healthcare Plan Coverage  or pay a IRS Tax Penalty.  The Federal Tax Cuts and Job Act repealed the IRS Tax Penalty in 2018.  However, California Senate Bill 78: California's Individual Health Mandate was passed in 2019 which picks up where the ACA left off.  Effective January 1, 2020 (CA SB 78) requires all California residents, including children to maintain minimum essential coverage with the same penaties as did the ACA. 
The best enrollment method  to obtain Healthcare coverage is to use an Agent or Broker who is also is Exchange Certified.  Certified Agents or Brokers provide Exchange Healthcare Plans, plus more plan choices available from Outside the State Exchanges. read more  
Adults age 65yrs and older, a Medicare Plan is the type medical healthcare coverage we all must enroll into in order to secure other than "Basic Medicare" benefits.  By 64yrs of age is the best time to start your research to address your pending Medicare Plan enrollment at least 6 months prior to your 65th birthday for guaranteed eligability and acceptence in your chosen coverage program.    
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