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California Only eREWARDs Rebate Program

Persons licensed to sell and represent insurance products in California are known as "Insurance Producers".  Insurance Producers can act as either an "Agent" or "Broker".

Acting as an Agent, an Insurance Producer only can recieve compensation from the Insurance Company upon who's behalf the Agent is working.  Acting as a Broker, an Insurance Producer can receive compensation from both the Insurance Company and/or the insured but is deemed to be working on behalf of the Insured.

Greg Brooks Agency Insurance Services (GBAIS) is a duly licensed California insurance Agent or Broker.    

When California voters in 1988 passed ballot measure Proposition 103, it became legal for California Insurance Producers to return or "rebate" a portion of the Producer's commission, paid by the Insurance Company to the Producer, who could then in turn, return it back to the Insured as a promotional eREWARD rebate.  (California Insurance Code Section 750d)   

An Insurance Producer really has no price lowering ability other than to accept a lower compensation in order to write the business.  eREWARDs are just some returned Insurance Producer Comission.


A eReward rebate is a promotional tool we may choose to utilize to create a discount and lower the overall cost of an insurance product to the Insured.  Just as a retail store reduces price and has a "sales price discount" on a specific product in his inventory to help move that product and attract new customers, Insurance Producers who are essentially retailers can offer "Reward Rebates" on specific products to promote new business.  

For an Insurance Producer to offer a discount in the form of an eReward, it must be done in the form of a sales commission rebate refund because the sales commission only becomes fully earned at the end of the policy term.  Policies which lapse or are cancelled premature prior to the end of the full term create a pro-rata commission chargeback to the Producer and those commission dollars must be returned back to the Insurance Company.           

It is not possible to provide Reward Rebates on every insurance product placed by us due to various products offered and commission levels paid by an Insurance carries.  However, there are products where a commission eReward Rebate can be a good deal for both the Insured and the Insurance Producer.

Transacting business via a Producer's website helps reduce processing time which cut costs to the Insurance Producer.  Electronic business processing or "eInsurance" saves time.  The use of client internet electronic quoting forms, servicing forms, real time online quoting engines and direct online applications & enrollment are the main instruments utilized.  Sometime in the future online video streaming will be the standard in instead of a telephone.  These website cost cutting saving can be passed along to the insured in the form of a eReward Rebate.           

eREWARDs Rebate Program Terms & Conditions  

Upon mutual agreement, we shall eReward or "Rebate" a percentage of the first six month net premium paid or a one time flat rate amount on select qualifing New Business Policy issued.  To qualify for a Rebate the New Business Policy issued must have been originated with the use of the Greg Brooks Agency website.  Uses of the website would include: submission of a completed quote form request or the use of an online quoting engine or completion of an online application.  We will Rebate to the policyholder named Insured per the rate(s) established as shown on the eREWARDs Redemption Form agreed upon and received from the Greg Brooks Agency at the time of the New Business Policy effective date.  Policy Renewals or Replacement Coverage are not eligable for a Rebate.  Covered California Exchange or Non-Exchange Individual & Group Health Plans are NOT ELIGABLE for an eREWARD Rebates.  Rebates will not be processed until the receipt of a valid fully completed, signed and dated eREWARDs Redemption Form.  Only California Insured residents are eligible for a Rebate.  Rebates can not be applied towards policy premiums. Rebates are based upon the Percentage of the first six months NB net premium paid or a one time Flat Rate agreed upon and stated in the eRewards Redemption Form received.  They become a valid to claim 150 days from the qualifing New Business Policy issued effective date.  Rebates become null and void if not redeemed within 240 days from the New Business Policy issue effective date.  Rebates are Agency only Rebates and not a Rebate from a Carrier or Company.  Rebate amounts of $600 or more will be subject to 1099 Miscellaneous Income reporting and will require the completion of IRS Form W-9.  Allow 2-4 weeks for processing of Rebate Checks after the qualifing Rebate becomes valid and the receipt of a completed Rebate Redemption Form by the Greg Brooks Agency.  Valid completed REWARDs Rebate Redemption Form Requests are to be sent to the Greg Brooks Agency for processing.  

(revised 11/15/2019)  Get Your eREWARDS REBATE.!  To discuss eREWARD REBATE inquiries contact Greg Brooks and obtain your Required completed eREWARD Redemption Form via email prior to the effective date of the New Business Policy or insurance qualifing product. 

Greg Brooks Agency Insurance Services reserves the right to discontinue the eREWARDs Rebate Program at anytime.  Should our eREWARDs Rebate Program be discontinued for any reason, all New Business Policies effective prior to the cancellation or discontinuance of the REWARDs Program which would have qualified with an agreement email for a eREWARDs Rebate will be honored.      


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I was treated very well, recieved a good product at the same price offered by others and it was a welcome bonus after I got my rebate check from this agency.
Stephen Carpenter - Freedom Block, CEO


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