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Kaiser Permanente® perhaps is the oldest and largest Health Maintenance Orginization (HMO) in the country.  Many Health Insurance Carriers offer their own version of an HMO product.  However, when most people hear the term HMO they think of Kaiser Permanente®. 


Health Maintenance Orginizations (HMO's) maintain more control by having more structure and rules you must follow when obtaining your medical services.  By operating in this way, HMOs are better able to provide services at a more controled cost.  People willing to work within an HMO system will be rewarded with smaller than the average copayments for the healthcare services they receive.

Of all the HMOs currently on the market today Kaiser Permanente® Plans offer the Greatest Dollar Value.  Ask many enrolled members in a Kaiser Permanente® Plan today and they will tell you they believe they have the Best Value in all of California Healthcare, both PPOs and HMOs. 

HSA Plans offered by Kaiser Permanente® provide many advantages.  Educated consumers have made Low Cost Qualified Health Savings Account Plans. (HSA)  the fastest growing health plan segment in the country.  View here a brief HSA Plans Benefit Summary available with Kaiser Permanente®.   

High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) combined with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are tools to help you to take control of the managment of your healthcare.  HDHPs coupled with an HSA will have lower monthly rates

With a Kaiser Permanente® HSA Plan service fees are paid only when you require service.  The fewer sevices you utilize the lesser service fee costs you will be responsible to pay.  Your healthcare saving are obtained by you deciding on how your healthcare dollars are spent by taking charge by controling your services .  Health Savings Account HDHP's have much lower monthly premium costs.

Link here to view a Kaiser Permanente® Fee Cost Tool for Southern California Services.  Link here to view a Fee Cost Tool for Northern California Services.  Kaiser members receive Discounted Service Fees.  See what you can expect from Kaiser Permanente® by viewing a Kaiser HSA Plan"s "Physician's Bill for Service Deductible Plan" statement.            

Kaiser Permanente® offers Delta Dental Coverage Benefits with all Health Plans.  

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Kaiser Permanente® has provided quality services to millions of people who have enjoyed the Kaiser Permanente® approach of an all in one - one stop location to obtain all of their Healthcare service needs.

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You may pick and maintain your own personal Kaiser Permanente® Doctor of your choice.  At anytime and for any reason you may switch your Doctor and choose another.  Kaiser Permanente® takes pride on their customer satisfaction record.  Kaiser Permanente's® primary focus centers on building a solid relationship between their members and Doctors.  Find out more about Kaiser Permanente® Doctors.           

Located in California, Kaiser Permanente® is split into Northern and Southern Regions.  The Regions have sereral service clusters located throughout the state.  Unlike other Medical Heathcare options available in California, obtainig your Healthcare with Kaiser Permanente® is really dependent upon where you live.  Below you can view a handful of available Kaiser Permanente® Facilities located in California.   

Check your area to see if there is a Kaiser Permanente® facility nearby where you live.  If your live in Los Angeles, Sacremento, San Diego or San Francisco or any of the surrounding areas you are most likely within a Kaiser Permanente® service area.  Here you may download the most current California Locations Guide available.  

Once your are a Kaiser Permanente® Member, like most all PPO & HMO Medical Insurance Plans issued by Healthcare Companies, your coverage does not cease when you are out of your service area.  If you are away from home out of your service network and you have an Emergency Medical issue your Kaiser Permanente® Plan will still cover your incurred Medical Costs.  You do need to contact Kaiser Permanente® to advise them of your Medical Emergency their approval fulfills your reporting requirements.            

Get Kaiser Permanente® Individual Health & Dental Instant Rate Quotes, View Plan Benefits and Apply Online here.

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Greg Brooks Agency Insurance Servives (GBAIS) provides instant online quotes and assistance for enrollment in Kaiser Permanente® health insurance coverage plans which serve the entire state of Califonia.  Affordable Kaiser Permanente® health insurance provides low cost coverage for individual, family, child and business medical group health insurance for both small 2-50 & large 50+ groups.  GBAIS is an authorized Kaiser Permanente® Broker (ID#314712) operating exclusively in California who owns this website and is responsible for it's maintenance, content & Agency promotion offers.  This Web site is owned by GBAIS, which is solely responsible for its content.  This site is not maintained by or affiliated with Kaiser Permanente, and Kaiser Permanente bears no responsibility for its content.  The e-mail addresses and telephone numbers that appear throughout this site belong to GBAIS, and cannot be used to contact Kaiser Permenente.  To maintain a Broker Representative status, contact GBAIS using GBAIS addresses and phone numbers.  "Kaiser," "Kaiser Permanente", "Kaiser Foundation Health Plan" and the Kaiser Permanente Logo are registered trademarks or service marks of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., in the United States.           

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