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Kaiser Member Broker of Record Program


If you or someone you know already are a current member with Kaiser Permanente® enrolled in an Individual or Family Plan we have a Broker of Record form waiting for you.

It is not our intent to solicit away clients from other Kaiser Permanente® Brokers.  Our Broker of Record program has been developed to provide current Kaiser members the option of Broker Representation.

Hundreds of thousands of current Kaiser members applied for their enrollment directly to Kaiser Permanente® without the assistance of a Broker.  There are several advantages of Broker Representation and zero disadvantages. 

When members choose to retain the services of a Broker there is no difference in the premium cost.  Several content Kaiser members for many years who plan to continue with Kaiser Permanente® have retained us to be their Broker of Record. 

As your Representative we:

  • Can explain all options and benefits of your plan.
  • Inform you of all future Kaiser changes.
  • Direct you to the correct needed Kaiser department.
  • Act as a communication bridge to Kaiser.
  • #1 - Provide Value by not being a paid Kaiser Permanente employee.

We are a personal representative working for you.  Being independent from Kaiser we can advise you on issues you may or may not want communicated to Kaiser.  You still conduct your healthcare business just as you do today.  However, as your Broker you maintain an option to contact our office for a confidential consultation.

Contact us to make your Broker of Record change today!  We can email or send via first class mail the required form(s) or you can download below.  


        Get a Broker of Record Form here.








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